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I had my upper and lower I left with Dr. Tenenbaum that morning my experience with the girls and the doctor was really good he begin the procedure I was very quick the girls in the office and make me feel like I’m home I was some kind a baby with the injection but after that I was just fine I went back for the first check up the second and the third Dr. look at my eyes and he said they looks perfect and they are really beautiful and very happy with the result now I’m thinking about having my Neck lift I spoke to the doctor about itto we discussed a price once I get the money put together o and I will have my next surgery

Marinanita F.

Dr T did an amazing job on my upper and lower eyes, it was not painful at all. Right before the stitches had to come out, they were itchy but besides that, there were no issues. Before the surgery, I was so afraid to have the scar line on my upper lid. I thought that I would have to wear makeup and today, you can\'t even see the line. Dr. T is an artist and his scars are seamless. He is also a very kind person. I would highly recommend his work especially the eyes!!

Michele D.

My eyes looked old & tired with my eye lids laying on my eyelashes. I had no idea my eyes could ever look this open & bright again, but wow! My eye lids look wonderful! I highly recommend Dr. Tannenbaum. It takes a couple of weeks for the bruising & swelling to go down, but well worth it. I’m post surgery 5 months and you can’t tell I had anything done... no visible scares. I love my much youthful eyes.


Dr Tenenbaum did my augmentation 3 months ago and I am extremely happy with the way they turned out. I highly recommend him.

Becky M.

Dr. Tenenbaum did my upper eyelid lift in January 2019. I had several weeks of bruising & swelling. I also had about 4 months of eyelid numbness. Was it worth it? Absolutely! My eyelids were folded over & laying on My eyelashes, now I can wear eyeshadow & can actually see it. I love the results! You must be patient with the healing process, but I would definitely recommend having it done. This procedure took years off my eyes. Dr. Tenenbaum is an excellent surgeon & I totally trust him.


After JUST paying $1200 for Smartlipo Triplex I am so very pleased already with my results and it hasn't even been 2 weeks. I definitely know there will be awesome results. It was not painful and Dr. Tenenbaum explained everything he was doing as he was doing it. I got off the table and into my car and drove myself home. I never needed pain medication. The morning after surgery the draining was done. I was fine to do just about anything I wanted the day after. I had the inner thighs and knees done. I bought compression capri's online, but wish I would have bought the capri's with the snap crotch for easier bathroom use. Still wearing my compression. Have my first checkup with the Dr. in a week, and trying to decide what area to do next. So glad I chose this instead of Cool Sculpting. That would have been a waste of money. Thank you Dr. Tenenbaum.


Dr. Tenenbaum did an upper eye lift on me. I am very happy with the results! He talked to me explaining every detail while having the surgery. I will be returning to him for more procedures!! Thank Dr. and your staff is terrific!! Paula B.

Paula B.

I had upper and lower eyes and a mini lift done. I came out looking refreshed and happy. Dr Tenenbaum did not turn me into someone else... he turned back time on ME.
Dr T was professional, caring and understanding. His prices are geared to that women, such as myself, could afford aesthetic surgery.
I SWEAR I had NO PAIN. My scars were very minimal and they faded more with each month - just as he explained. Healing time was MUCH quicker than I anticipated. But, if you choose to have something done, be realistic and give yourself time.
I would definitely do it all again.


I had a wonderful experience with Dr.Tenenbaum he was very personable and knowledgeable. I was also impressed with his staff, they were very helpful throughout the whole process before and after my surgery. My breast augmentation went beautifully and I'm so thrilled with my results and it's only been 6 weeks! Thank you so much Dr. Tenenbaum!

Amber L.

Dr. Noel is the best. He did exactly what I want. Highly recommended


I had a breast augmentation, I am very pleased with the results, I experience almost no pain and Dr. Tenenbaum and staff were very professional and took good care of everything! They were all very nice, respectful and took really good care of me.


Dr. Tenenbaum Is one of my favorite doctors. He removed several skin cancers and reconstructed the areas. He was gentle, reassuring, and professional. His work is flawless. Every member of his staff is nice and his office feels more like a home than a doctor's office. I highly recommend this practice.

Jeanne W.

I was beyond happy with every aspect of my surgery with Dr. Tenenbaum. The office staff was friendly and helpful, the surgical nurse was fantastic and Dr. Tenenbaum was great. He spent a lot of time explaining everything to make sure I was comfortable and he understood my fear of looking "over done". My husband and are so pleased with the results of my upper eyelid and brow lift. I would and have recommended Dr. Tenenbaum to everyone and will definitely only chose him for anything I have done in the future.

Tammy B.

Doc! You have absolutely done wonders for me! Thank you for correcting my first nightmare nose job because I absolutely LOVE my new nose. I also thank you for the breast job that I recently did with you… I knew that I could count on your for perfection.


I truly appreciate the warm and wonderful care given me!! Dr. Tenenbaum, you are an artist and your staff are angels!


Hey Dr. Tenenbaum,
I'm delighted with my results rather than satisfied-and I've only had my tip done. It's amazing how a subtle change can make all the difference. I used to spend time in the mirror being disgusted by my flat nose. I'm so grateful for what you've done and I'm sure after the shaving and bridge work is done, I'll be wasting time in the mirror admiring my nose. I'm so thankful for your work and help in reaching my long term personal goals.
I like the Botox results too, never thought I'd ever try it, I just wish Botox was permanent. I still can't believe how awesome and smooth the whole experience went. I expected surgery to be painful and dramatically scary but it was the complete opposite. You and your staff were so friendly and welcoming. That made all the difference since I went by myself and I didn't inform anyone of my plans.
I really can't wait 'till I get the rest of my procedures done. I know recovery will be more difficult but I'm really looking forward to it. You know, I used to be afraid of getting older/aging (as patients warn me-"don't get old and don't get married before 30")…but now-I'm in reverse. I'm so excited about my future physical traits, thanks to you! I'll be in touch.

S. Clearwater

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