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Smartlipo® TriPlex® for Palm Harbor, FL Patients

Noel S. Tenenbaum M.D. aims to become the gold standard in plastic surgery in Palm Harbor, FL and the surrounding area. Smartlipo® TriPlex® is an innovative approach to body sculpting that produces high-quality patient outcomes with minimal discomfort and downtime. Dr. Tenenbaum has years of experience providing solutions like this and is more than willing and capable of introducing them to your life. This technology uses three wavelengths and an intelligent delivery system to contour the body and get rid of fat safely and effectively. It is flexible enough to work on patients of all ages and body types.

measuring waist

The Undeniable Benefits of Smartlipo® TriPlex®

There are many benefits to using Smartlipo® TriPlex® for body contouring and fat removal. In addition to boosting self-confidence, the procedure is simple and direct. It is innovative but uses easily explainable techniques, which Dr. Tenenbaum will review before starting.

Most Impactful Advantages Include

No Need for General Anesthesia

Any procedure requiring general anesthesia will require downtime as you recover from the medicine. Smartlipo® TriPlex® does not require one.

Smaller Incisions & Skin Tightening

In the past, liposuction procedures required longer incisions – which meant more noticeable scarring. With Smartlipo® TriPlex®, you can expect Dr. Tenenbaum to make a shorter incision.

Less Risk of Infection

All procedures have risks. Dr. Tenenbaum cannot guarantee you will not develop an infection after receiving Smartlipo® TriPlex®. However, this particular procedure is much safer.

Longer-Lasting Results

No liposuction procedure is permanent. However, the results of Smartlipo® TriPlex® will last much longer than traditional procedures due to its skin tightening effects in addition to its fat melting capability.

Minimally-Invasive and Effective: You Can Smartlipo® TriPlex®

Smartlipo® TriPlex® is perfect for targeting extra fat and areas like your torso or thighs. The minimally-invasive and laser-assisted nature of the procedure means you can trust it to treat your concerns without forcing you to miss weeks of work while you recover. Depending on the area he treats, Dr. Tenenbaum only uses local anesthetic allowing for faster recovery.

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